You can visit websites and online marketplaces and browse through hundreds, if not thousands of reviews to give you a better feeling of your impending purchase.  But are they real?  Did you know that up to 61% of online reviews are fake?  Check out this article.  Eye opening for sure.  

So what do we do to get reviews?  We don’t pay for them and we don’t offer free stuff either.   All of our reviews are real, untampered, and authentic, without exceptions.

So here are some examples of customer feedback for your information.  These are actual screenshots, unedited and shown exactly as they were received.  Any questions give us a call at 647.365.2214.  If we don't pick up, leave us a voicemail, drop us an email or chat live with us here, on our website, to have a conversation with a real person. 

The staff employed at Gym Bulldog have been in manufacturing and mechanical design for decades.  Having established manufacturing partnerships many years ago, with staff employed working closely with the factories, we are able to manage and perfect the equipment we offer our Canadian customers.

We offer the best quality, Gym Bulldog staff approved product which includes a manufacturing warranty unrivalled in the industry.

Contact us today, by online chat, email or telephone and let us know how we can help.  And yes, you'll be chatting with one of us, not some autobot chat or phone system!


Our management team consist of Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Quality Control Engineers & Product Sourcing Experts. 

A Real Business

We have a commercial distribution warehouse in Hamilton which is our pick up location for customers that choose that option.  Full time staff are based in Burlington.


On staff Cardio Kickboxing Trainer having worked in local gyms in Burlington for years.


On staff Certified Pro Body Builder having competed and won, in competitions across North America.

Gym Bulldog Warehouse

c/o 3D Warehousing & Logistics
1817 Burlington St E
Hamilton ON L8H 3L5

Please Note

Gym Bulldog operates from a commercial warehouse and we do not offer curbside pick up unless previously arranged and confirmed with Gym Bulldog staff.