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Meet the Owners

We started Gym Bulldog to provide local families in the Greater Toronto Area a reliable and honest resource for home gym equipment.  Online "local" marketplaces which we are all familiar with and pop up ads that appear from nowhere often didn’t and indeed still don't, seem genuine or real.

So what we offer is an online store with REAL people running it.  A husband, wife and our friends which include certified, professional body builders and fitness instructors, manage Gym Bulldog everyday.  Even our young adult children appear in our product demonstration videos.  

Reach out to us anytime by online chat....or if you have any pressing concerns, call us.  We actually have a phone we shall answer.

PS - why Gym Bulldog?  Well this is our Bulldog, Brody and we have kids, so what do you think they wanted to call the company!


We’re the best in the business.

Not your typical gym equipment store.  The staff employed at Gym Bulldog have been in manufacturing and mechanical design for decades.  Having established manufacturing partnerships many years ago, with staff employed working closely with the factories, we are able to manage and perfect the equipment we offer our Canadian customers.

We offer the best quality, Gym Bulldog staff approved product which includes a manufacturing warranty unrivaled in the industry.

Contact us today, by online chat, email or telephone and let us know how we can help.  And yes, you'll be chatting with one of us, not some autobot chat or automated phone system!

We offer pre-ordering for our out of stock products.  All products on Gym Bulldog should be in stock but due to unforeseen demands or real world events we are sometimes caught short.  The point is, that if you place a pre-order you can change your mind at any time.  Although it would be good to know why of course.  It helps us better understand our customers and adjust our business model accordingly if necessary.  Either way, a full refund will be issued to your method of original payment.  Buy with confidence at Gym Bulldog.

All products carry a 12 month manufacturers warranty against faults in manufacture or assembly.  If you find a fault with our product, we will exchange, replace or repair your equipment at no cost to you including freight back and forth.  Buy with confidence at Gym bulldog.

We accept order cancellations right up until the product ships.  Change your mind without worry.  We understand things change. Buy with confidence at Gym Bulldog.

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12 Month Warranty

All our products — whether we make them or not — are backed by our 12 month warranty.

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Shopping Experience

Contact anytime including whilst you're in the middle of the checkout process. You'll be talking with us - not a call center.

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On-time Delivery

Shipping twice per week from our Hamilton warehouse across canada, you'll be working out with Gym Bulldog in no time.

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Best in Class Service

Email, messenger, imessage. online chat and email - yeh you can communicate directly with Gym Bulldog - anytime.

Need Help?

Need help or assistance? Our team is standing by to make sure you get the help you need. Whether you need to adjust an order or delivery details, we're ready to help!